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Locksmith Nation Application

Use this application if you would like to join Locksmith Nation. Using this form will ensure we have all the necessary information to process your application as quickly as possible. This form will be sent to our admin shared email which will be used to determine your eligibility




    Aliases and group pages are not allowed. Shared spousal/partner accounts are permitted on a case-by-case situation.

    Affiliate and referral marketing is not allowed on Locksmith Nation or any sub-groups.

    Advertising and spam are generally not allowed and may be removed without notice.

    As is customary in these kinds of groups, please do not publish copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner.

    Sharing group information or screenshots with non-members is NOT allowed and will result in removal from the group.
    In order for us to effectively manage complaints, you may not block anyone that is a current administrator of the page.
    Membership Rules
    All members are expected to:

    Conduct themselves in a dignified and professional manner at all times.
    Abide by all applicable licensing, registration, and business regulations in their area.
    Refrain from using their professional skills, training or expertise in a manner that compromises the safety or security of the customer or the general public.

    Failure to maintain these expectations may result in immediate removal.
    Discussion Rules
    Posts that are political in nature will be removed.
    Posts not related to the trade directly will be removed.
    Posts in the wrong group will be asked to be moved to the appropriate group to keep the newsfeed clean. If not moved within 1 hour it can be removed, in which case, the original poster will have to repost in the correct group.


    Hey Locksmith - Directory For Members

    Don't forget to ask about joining Hey-Locksmith when you join. Members get basic listings for free. As long as they are members they can utilize a free listing for a business they own (or represent) Please only 1 listing per location/business. This listing can help with getting found by clients, other locksmiths in the group and even service providers.